April 2018

Joint staff training event in Dublin

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The third pilot week course of the EfCI project has been hosted by Capacity Ireland in Dublin at Guinness enterprise together with the partners from 3Si (Spain), Studio Inneo (Poland) and Materahub (Italy) taking part in teaching activities for the Level 3 Certificate in Entrepreneurship for European Creative Industries.

Getting ready for a three month work experience in a host creative company

The course started with the introduction of the programme linked with Seville (3Si organization) where participants are going to have a work placement’s experience in an host creative company for three months.

The “Creative Project Canvas”, a useful tool to overview your business idea

The week covered also the topics of different Units providing an overview of the whole course, mainly related to the business planning for Creative Industries. The italian partner Materahub introduced a very useful tool called the “Creative Project Canvas” that helps creatives to reflect and detail their own idea/project and make it sustainable.

Sharing knowledge to achieve the same goal

The adaptation of the course for Creative Industries is the main goal of the EfCI project and it is really challenging for each partner to see how it works the learning approach in a different country and how they can contribute for the delivering of the course as an exchange learning’s process.

ciprojectJoint staff training event in Dublin
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