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Joint staff training event in Matera

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Helping aspiring and new entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions in the cultural and creative industries has always been our main goal. The Creative Speed ​​Up, a path of acceleration and internationalization for entrepreneurs in the sectors of culture and art, served to help ten young people create jobs and contribute to the economic, social and cultural growth of their territory.

The Creative Speed ​​Up was created alongside local experts and trainers such as Stefania Clemente, community manager for the Comincenter, Nicola Martulli, chartered accountant, and Raffaele Vitulli, trainer, mentor and project manager of Materahub, with the international partners of the ECVET for Creative Industries project for creative industries, which aims to develop skills and qualifications for entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries throughout Europe.

Use your own talent for a business enterprise

The creatives and artists who took part in the Creative Speed ​​Up derive from a different educational and professional path not necessary related to what each of them would do (or would be) in the future: writers / actors, cartoonists, future tourism operators, political science students with a passion for humanitarian organizations and volunteer, video maker and startupper who want to teach others how to live a “zero waste” life.

All of them, however, are united by a single great idea: to use their artistic and creative talent to start a business. In order to respond to these demands, the entrepreneurial education course at Comincenter was customized to their needs.

Analysis of uncertainties, perspectives and economic sustainability

The training week allowed participants to analyse and share uncertainties and prospects, working together on the creation and strengthening of their professional profile, focusing at the same time on financial and legal analysis, essential to turn an idea into an economically sustainable business able to produce wealth.

Through the definition of “SMART” objectives (elements, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a planned deadline), young people were accompanied towards the construction of their business plan, starting from the Creative Project Canvas, an instrument created by Materahub and other European experts which, thanks to a visual language, allows artists and creatives to simplify their business model.

4 months abroad to learn from experienced experts

International trainers introduced participants to the reality of cultural and creative enterprises in other European Countries, proposing case studies, sources of ideas and reflections. In addition, they presented one of the main objectives of the Creative Speed ​​Up: a 4-month experience, in an EU Country, financed by the Erasmus program for Young Entrepreneurs, alongside an experienced entrepreneur who will help the participants to test their business idea , hosting them in their own business and sharing experiences and strategies. In addition to this, the students will be supported in the candidacy of their business project in different national and international competitions, such as the Creative Business Cup, of which Materahub is an Italian host.

A comparison with the artistic and entrepreneurial ferment of Matera

Finally, the training week just ended offered the participants the opportunity to get to know and confront the artistic, cultural and social ferment that Matera is rediscovering at the moment, induced by many young people who have decided to stay or return with the care of make our city better from the point of view of opportunities.It is in this perspective that was proposed a visit to the art studio of Raffaele Pentasuglia, heir of the papier-maché tradition of Matera, as well as the after class event about the constitutive path of the IAC-Center for the Integrated Arts, a place of culture of inclusion, and the C-FARA co-working experience.

Here is the story of the Creative Speed ​​Up realized in collaboration with TRM



ciprojectJoint staff training event in Matera

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