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Joint staff training event in Rzeszów

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The last pilot course of the “ECVET for the Creative Industries” project took place in Rzeszów, Poland on the 12th-16th of June. It was hosted by the Polish project partner INNEO – local centre for training and research, which specialises in entrepreneurship and ICT training. The event was organized in KWADRAT – Subcarpathian Creative Space. It’s a coworking office as well as an incubator and a venue of creative and IT meetings, networking events and programming courses. It is a very important spot on the map of Rzeszów, which is said to be a “city of innovation”.

About the Polish “Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries” course

On the contrary to training courses in UK, Ireland, Spain and Italy – the Polish course was organised as a weekly recurring event. The participants spent 3 hours almost each week in the period of 3 months attending the course. This form of training was most suitable for Polish students; it also facilitated the process of completing the assignments and giving regular feedback by a tutor.

The course had a similar structure to other training courses organized in the framework of EfCI project. The knowledge was divided into 4 units, each of them concerned different aspects: personal brand and online presence, communication and negotiation, business planning as well as creative entrepreneurship in Europe. However, the resources were adapted to match the Polish context, with the special emphasis on local education system, law regulations, social and market trends and financial possibilities.

Young people with skills, degrees and big dreams

Since Poland is a country where formal education is considered to be of great importance, most of the participants were young people with university degrees. Some of them were still students, the others were working in industries not related to their degrees. The course was supposed to deal with their weaknesses and insecurities, since Polish students tend to have great professional skills and theoretical knowledge, but lack in entrepreneurial skills and self confidence.

The responses of students were very optimistic throughout the duration of the course. They all agreed that the aspects taught during the course were highly practical and useful for their future professional development. More than half of the participants are also applying for LRN’s “Level 3 in Entrepreneurship for European Creative Industries” qualification.

Project partners teaching about creative industries in their countries

During the last day of the training course EfCI project partners contributed to the training by presenting information about the creative industries in UK, Spain, Ireland and Italy. The participants were highly interested in hearing about their professions in different countries, comparing the problems and opportunities of their colleagues around Europe.

The joint staff training event as well as the course itself was considered a success by the participants. In their evaluation questionnaires students stated that the programme of the course should become more popular in the future because it is a perfect response for the imperfection of creative education system. All of them said that whey would recommend the course to their friends if another edition were organized in the future.

ciprojectJoint staff training event in Rzeszów

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